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I purchased a set of lingerie, it was shipped out, I wanted to log back in so I could delete my account and NOT be charged $40 in the future, and the website won't let me log in. I tried logging in via incognito mode, still nothing.

I can't even view the website. If this isn't considered shady business practices, I don't know what is. I've sent an email to customer service to have them delete me account, I've tried calling customer service to talk to someone and they wanted me to log in myself. But I can't.

Because the website will not even load to allow me to log in. Shady shady shady.

User's recommendation: AVOID ADORE ME.

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Hello, Thank you for reaching out. Please be informed that the fact that you are not able to log in is not a business practice on our end, but a technical issue.

It is possible that you wrote a typo in your email address and that is why you cannot log in to your account and request a new password. Please, check your email if you have received a confirmation email about your order. If you haven't it means that your email address was written incorrectly. No worries, we can help.

If you contact us at help@adoreme.com and give us your name and shipping address we will be able to locate your account and assist you to cancel your membership. You can find information about the cancellation of your membership on our FAQ pages as well.

I hope this helps. Kind regards, Adore Me

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