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Adore me has the absolute worst shipping and processing times I have ever had the displeasure of being a part of. My first order didnt arrive for 3 weeks!

Gave them the benefit of the doubt and reluctantly ordered again, only to be waiting again. Ordered on the 13th and my order hasnt shipped yet.....15 days since I placed my order. Now I could understand if their stuff was super cheap...ok, Ill wait....but its not cheap, not at all.

Never ever ever again will I order from them. Adore me needs to get their act together and takes some shipping and processing pointers from Amazon.

User's recommendation: Check Amazon for something similar, at a cheaper price, that your going to get sooner rather than later.

Adore Me Pros: Styles.

Adore Me Cons: Delayed in processing.

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Hi, Thank you for the review, we apologize for any confusion! It sounds like you joined our VIP Membership with your first order and did not shop or skip the month by the fifth of the month.

The membership is one of two payment options (the other is Pay as You Go) you select during checkout with your first order. Members are never obligated to order each month, instead, they visit the site between the first and fifth and choose to either shop or skip that month. If you do not shop or skip between the first and the fifth, you’ll see a $39.95 charge on the card provided. This turns into store credit that you can shop with anytime We send reminder emails, but you’re welcome to make use of our no-questions-asked 30 day refund policy:

Let us know if you have other questions!

We’re happy to help. Best, Adore Me

@Eniko Adore Me Representative

Did you even read my post? It has nothing to do with payment, VIP program or anything along those lines. It does have everything to do with you absolutely ridiculous shipping and processing times.

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