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I placed an order from this company's website two weeks ago and my merchandise had yet to be shipped out of their warehouse.They advertise shipping times on their website of 3-5 days, yet my order has been "processing" for 14 days and counting.

Until they can sort out their stocking issues and run their business the way they advertise online, I'm definitely not purchasing from them again. Let's just hope the membership cancellation process isn't as headache-inducing as the rest of their customer service. I really wanted to like this company too.

They sell some really beautiful products at decent prices.But according to other reviewers, these customer service issues have been going on for many months so it's curious they haven't been able to sort things out by now.

Review about: Adore Me Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.


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I placed an order feb 26th.Still no movement, and another order March 5th.


I called and while they did give me a $10 credit per order they couldn’t even estimate when my orders would ship.Super friendly but seeing ads all over the place while they are so backed up is frustrating, you don’t need new customers when you can’t take care of the ones you already have.


Same problem here .. and I will not be ordering from them again


When is the last time that someone actually got a shipment from them? Are they shipping anything?

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I’ve been waiting on my order I ordered February 25 and it STILL says processing

to Denay #1449207

Shut all the doors!!The Feb 25th!?!?Such BS. I wasn’t far behind you with my order on March 3 which I still haven’t gotten.I have a sinking feeling we might not get our products.

to Nannette #1449238

Up until recently everything I got came on time and has been amazing. I’ve been ordering for over a year. I’m hoping it’s just a one time thing.


Really wish I would have done more investigating before purchasing from this site! I’m definitely taking my business back to Victoria’s Secret!!


I ordered two sets of bras.A week ago.Ive emailed twice ive gotten no response where my order is.

Its still saying its being processed.

I have never felt dissatisfied by a company I have ordered from.This is my order number 304014934 I want a update or something or i will cancel.


I ordered from the Nov 20th ...Have a tracking number with o movement since the 4th ...

Yea .. they need to get this together before I place another order .. Spent over 200.00 ...

no merchandise?Not again

Adore Me Verified Representative


Thank you for your honest review.

We completely get where you are coming from.It is indisputable that the processing time has gotten astonishingly long.

We acknowledge that this is a problem and we would like to let you know that we do not take this lightly at all. We have stopped some of the marketing campaigns and we have been working diligently to scale up the warehouse's capacity to prevent future problems.

As for the current situation, please note that a rather small percentage of our clients has been affected. We are still analyzing why only certain orders are pending. What we regret the most that the sytem did not allow us to engage the customers in cancelling their orders per request allowing you to wait for weeks.

We take the full blame for this. We have since then communicated the complaints to the superiors to work out a resolution.

It is not in our intention to cause so much frustration therefore we would like to offer our help. However, in order to do this we will need to know all the order numbers related to your complaints so that we can provide a proper resolution.

Could you please leave a comment below with your order number?

We would greatly appreciate it.Kind regards, Adore Me

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to Eniko #1445614

I placed an order march 1st.By March 3rd I still hadn't received any tracking number so I checked the site and it said delayed processing.

I figured ok... They should have at least emailed me to let me know but ok. I gave it 2 more days but once i realized the status was not changing I obviously tried to contact them and find out what was going on. I have emailed, tried to D.M them and, call countless times.

I've literally been emailing them at least 10 times a day. The auto reply to the DM says they will respond with 10-15 min. I have messaged them 6 times with no response. When i call, i wait 10 minutes and 27 seconds every time just for an automated message to basically say "sorry try again!".

It is now March 13th. The status on my order is still the same, I haven't been responded to and STILL have yet to receive my order.

I want corporates number!I feel like adore me owes me and should fast track my order obviously and compensate!

to Crystal #1446728

I’m dealing with this processing order too.... frustrating. I am going on vacation and needing my swimsuit.

to Crystal #1447840

Ordered on March 3, 2018 and am still waiting too! I have tried contacting them as well with no reply! This is ridiculous.

to Eniko #1449250

My name is Brittany and my order number is 304029607.Please either fast track my order or apply a full reimbursement, thank you.


Yep.I see I'm definitely not alone here.

I'm still waiting too... 15 days later and order still "processing". They had no problem taking my credit card information and charging it within seconds of placing my order over two weeks ago. It's too bad I'm probably never going to actually receive the product I paid for.

I've emailed the company several times asking for answers and have received only generic, ambiguous replies with no reassurance that my order will be shipped any time soon. Just the usual "we've received a high number of orders at this time" and a vague statement that processing times may take longer than the "typical" 1-2 days.

My main concern is that I won't be able to cancel next month's payment since canceling my VIP membership seems to require total account deletion. But...

if I delete my account how will I keep tracking my current pending order? Arrrgh. Maybe I'm being a bit overdramatic but I spent (kind of a lot) of money on something I may never actually receive and now have to try to cancel my membership before they charge me again.

And that is not something I can afford.The anxiety and frustration does make me want to rip my hair out a bit.

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Adore Me Verified Representative


Thank you for your honest feedback.

Echoing our response to the previous reviewer, it is not in our intention to cause so much frustration therefore we would like to offer our help.

However, in order to do this we will need to know all the order numbers related to your complaints so that we can provide a proper resolution.

Could you please leave a comment below with your order number?We would greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards, Adore Me P.S Please note that you can cancel your membership with only a few clicks and without deleting your account.

to Eniko #1448778

Same for me... over two weeks and if it is only a small percentage you should be able to send out those pending... #304006520


11 Days and still waiting for them to ship.I’ve sent 3 emails.

They assure me it’s being shipped. I told them to cancel, refund my money, and NEVER charge me again.

They only responded that they are working on getting my order out?????

Not sure who I need to complain to.

to Linda Nolan #1383276

Same here placed order oct 11th and my stuff is still processing...apparently I cant cancel the order and need to wait till I receive my order so they can do a freaking return...

which is ridiculous cause then they will just charge for fees.

BS I wish I never placed an order with them.I am Pissed.

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